Colon Cancer Treatment

Colon Cancer Treatment

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About Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Treatment

Colon cancer is caused by the growth of abnormal cells in your colon. These cells frequently form as small growths known as polyps. Although not all colon polyps become cancerous, most colon cancers begin in a polyp. This form of cancer is also referred to as colorectal or rectal cancer, depending on its location.

What causes it?

The precise cause of colon cancer is uncertain. However, in most cases, the cancer originates in polyps, which are tiny growths within the colon or rectum. Colon polyps are quite common, and some of them may develop into cancer. However, if they are detected early, typically through routine screening tests, they can be eliminated before causing harm.

What are the symptoms?

Colon cancer typically does not cause symptoms until it has metastasized. The most prevalent symptoms are blood in your stools and very dark stools. You may experience more frequent bowel movements or feel as though your bowels are not completely emptying. Additional symptoms may include abdominal or rectal discomfort.

We Treat All Stages and Types of Colon Cancer:

  • Early-stage cancer of the colon
  • Locally advanced cancer of the colon (spread to lymph nodes or organs around the colon)
  • Metastatic cancer of the colon (spread to distant organs)
  • Recurrent cancer of the colon

Experienced in Treating Metastatic Colon Cancer Patients

Our physicians have treated lethal Stage III/IV Metastatic Colon Cancers (colon cancer spread to the liver) for over 40 years. Our approach combines short-course radiation with concurrent systemic chemotherapy to effectively destroy microscopic cancer cells. In certain follow-up situations, additional chemotherapy may be recommended to ensure complete eradication of cancer cells.

We also offer targeted agents that specifically attack growth factors or receptors within tumor cells. These agents, when used alongside chemotherapy, can effectively inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Furthermore, our approved angiogenesis inhibitors are capable of preventing the formation of new blood vessels, providing an effective treatment for colon cancer that has spread to other areas of the body.

Exploring Alternative Colon Cancer Treatments at ICCA Global

Standard treatment for colon cancer typically include:

  1. Surgery - This is the process of surgically removing and getting rid of the cancerous cells.
  2. Chemotherapy - Here, drugs are administered into the bloodstream; these medications tackle the growth of colon cancer.
  3. Radiation therapy - This treatment is used to kill cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading.

At ICCA Global, we offer integrative and alternative treatment plans that can support your recovery without the negative side effects of conventional colon cancer treatment. Alternative wellness and integrative medicine work hand-in-hand to provide a more comprehensive treatment methodology not limited to standard treatments. Integrative medicine combines conventional medicine with evidence-based alternative and complementary treatments.

What We Do For You

Utilizing our foundational FivePoints Cancer Care™ treatment program, each patient is tailored to a personalized treatment plan based on their unique cancer cells. By administering less-invasive, non-toxic treatments, it minimizes disruption in the patient's daily life and avoids the potential for disfigurement when faced with standard treatment.

We specialize in cancer treatments that support the whole body, while preserving and restoring quality of life:

FivePOINTS Cancer Care™ consists of:

  • Integrative Cancer Care (minimizes debilitating side effects) with real-time imaging (PET/CT)
  • Live-Cell Tumor Profiling (optimizes ideal targeting agents for treatment)
  • Tumor-Specific Immunotherapy with Tumor-Specific Hyperthermia and Short-Course Radiation (avoids unnecessary systemic damage)
  • Non-Surgical Tumor-Specific Ablation (by freezing or heat)
  • Regenerative and Restorative Medicine (restores homeostasis)

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