Colon Cancer Treatment

Primary, Metastatic, and Recurrent Colon/Colorectal Cancer Tumor Treatment

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ICCA Global applies state-of-the-art and cutting-edge medical and therapeutic technologies unavailable in the U.S. and Canada to its patients’ undergoing treatments at ICCA’s first-class facilities located 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, California, in Baja California, Mexico.

ICCA's compassionate and experienced medical team focuses on providing each patient with a customized treatment program that includes innovative and advanced therapies development internationally not in the United States or Canada alone!

ICCA physicians have spent years perfecting FivePOINTS Cancer Care™ a customized, multifocal treatment approach synergistically combining:

  • Comprehensive Whole-body Diagnostics – includes real-time PET/CT imaging (ability to detect cancer cells as small as a grain of sand), protected tumor biopsies and pathology study, and/or Next Generation Sequencing if indicated.
  • Short-Course Radiation (10 fractions or less, compared to a conventional 25 to 30 fractions) with the primary goal of destroying cancer cells and more lethal cancer stem cells from continuing to proliferate and spread to distant areas. To help overcome radiation resistance small amounts of a chemo-sensitizing agent are given one hour before each session to significantly increase the effectiveness of the DNA damage.
  • Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy - a precise and minimally invasive tumor therapy intended to greatly boost the patient's immune system with powerful tools to detect and directly combat cancer, and stimulate an immune response to tackle other untreated tumor cells that may be present (abscopal effect).
  • Off-the-shelf Allogeneic NK Cells – allogenic NK cells target many different cancer types including kidney, breast, and ovarian amongst other cancers. NK cells have the ability to fight anything they recognize as foreign and do not require a previous encounter with the malignant cells in order to respond.
  • Regenerative Stem Cell Medicine – has the ability to regenerate damaged or diseased tissue; its primary role is to maintain and repair the tissue in which the cells are placed and can develop into many different cell types and renew often.

Novel and innovative cancer therapies is ever-evolving. Our dedicated clinicians stay at the forefront of pioneering innovation. We continuously research new alternative, non-toxic therapies to ensure our patients receive the best possible care without compromising their quality of life. At our facility, our dedicated medical oncologists collaborate closely with experts in various clinical areas to ensure each patient receives a precise diagnosis and cutting-edge, personalized treatment.

Our mission is clear: to extend life, relieve pain and symptoms, and eliminate lethal cancer stem cells that cause recurrence. Rest assured, as a cancer patient, we prioritize your comfort throughout the process.

  • NO Surgery
  • NO Burning
  • NO Poisoning
  • NO Hair Loss
  • NO Compromised Immune System
  • NO Nausea or Loss of Appetite
  • NO Fatigue
  • NO Long-term treatment regimen (generally two-week protocol)

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