Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

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ICCA Global Treats all Pancreatic Cancers

  • Early-stage pancreatic cancer (including the Whipple procedure)
  • Locally advanced head and pancreatic cancers (spread to lymph nodes or organs around the pancreas)
  • Metastatic pancreatic cancer (spread to distant organs, particularly liver)
  • Recurrent pancreatic cancer

ICCA Global Treats all Pancreatic Cancers

Metastatic pancreatic cancer, which has spread to other parts of the body, is especially challenging to treat and one of the most lethal forms of cancer. Standard treatments can be harsh and often have limited effectiveness. However, at ICCA Global, we have extensive experience treating metastatic pancreatic cancer using our comprehensive approach.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Our physicians have treated lethal Stage III/IV Metastatic Pancreatic Cancers (pancreatic cancer spread to the liver) for over 40 years. We have helped many patients who had previously been told they were out of options, providing hope and improving their quality of life.

Our cutting-edge FivePoints Cancer Care™ treatment program was formulated with 5 vital functions in mind, placing the patient at the center:

FivePoints Cancer Care:

  1. Integrative Cancer Care
    • Initial Pt introduction, medical records collection, blood/lab orders, tumor markers, metabolomic blood panels, etc.
    • Complete pathophysiological exam.
    • Pain management -- if indicated.
    • PET/CT scan (to detect cancer cells at the molecular level).
    • Assess Live Cell Tumor Profile and/or biopsy candidacy.
  2. Short-Course Radiation
    • CT simulation Patients are imaged on a CT scanner specially configured to acquire three-dimensional images used for treatment planning, allowing radiation oncologists to localize the tumor and surrounding areas requiring radiation treatments.
    • Short course radiation (maximum 10 fractions).
    • Administer concomitant chemo-sensitizing agent to greatly enhance short-course radiation treatment’s biological outcome.
  3. Intratumorally Immunotherapy
    • Administration of off-label medications to boost immunotherapy (medications used for other conditions besides cancer may be repurposed to enhance the immune response).
    • Potential "dirty gut" syndrome - accept interplay of the microbiome and cancer immunotherapy re basic bacterial patterns associated with an improved response; thus, enhance patient’s microbiome for maximum immunotherapy potential.
    • Target Tumor Hypoxia – can generate systemic influence of immunosuppression, treatment resistance, tumor growth, and increased metastasis. Imaging techniques can identify hypoxic regions that are targeted for destruction, typically by intratumorally injections/ablative procedures.
    • "Heated" Tumor Immune Microenvironment - Conventional systemic immunotherapy typically depends on immune cells seeing and infiltrating cancer, called "immunologically hot." For patients to achieve success, tumors need to be "heated up" or "primed" which consists of injecting specific immune agents directly into the tumor to direct key immune cells to cancer.
    • Evaluate predict and target immunotherapy escape mechanisms – targeting cancer with specific immunotherapies can upregulate other receptors to allow for escape. These receptors can also be immunotherapy targets. Advanced testing like Live Cell Tumor Profiling can help identify and target those areas.
  4. Thermal Ablation (minimally invasive procedure to treat Pancreatic tumors)
    • Very small incision to gain access to tumor(s).
    • No physical or body disfigurement.
    • Requires very little preparation and simple to perform.
    • Speedier than conventional surgery – patient returns to normal life same day.
    • Surgery requires cutting nearby tissue or removing whole organs, often having a huge effect on ongoing health. Ablation is more precise, leaving surrounding tissue intact.
    • Extended chemotherapy and long-session radiation therapy often result in harsh side effects, including nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal problems. Many forms of chemotherapy and radiation therapy can seriously damage the immune system.
  5. Regenerative and Restorative Homeostasis
    • Seeks to replace, restore, or revitalize cellular tissue or organs that have been compromised and/or damaged by cancer, disease, trauma, or congenital influences.
    • Properly prepared cord blood mesenchyme stem cells can accelerate and promote the natural healing process where needed most; bringing together biology, chemistry, genetics, medicine, and other fields to find solutions to some of the most challenging medical problems faced by humankind.
    • When injured or invaded by disease, our bodies have the innate response to heal and defend. What if it was possible to harness the power of the body to heal and then accelerate it in a clinically relevant way? What if we could help the body heal better?
    • Working to restore the structure and function of damaged tissues and organs. It is also working to create solutions for organs that become permanently damaged. This approach aims to find a way to cure previously untreatable injuries and diseases.

Restoring Hope. Restoring Life.

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Patient Stories

Meet some of our inspiring patients who have found renewed health through our cutting-edge integrative and alternative cancer therapies at ICCA Global. Click here to read more.

Eric L.Liver Cancer Patient

"I am absolutely delighted with the results of the FivePOINTS Cancer Care ™ treatment program provided by ICCA Global. My sincerest thanks go to the Doctors and the medical team, who custom designed and administered an amazing treatment plan that, in my mind, could not have been more successful."

TanyaBreast Cancer Patient

"It's been a year and a half, and I'm still clear, and I'm going to stay clear. If I was to ever go for something like that again, I would hands down go back to ICCA Global. They're just one of a kind, truly, from the treatments that's not done anywhere else, to the facility, staff, doctors, everybody involved are just absolutely amazing, five-stars. And I would recommend ICCA any day. If you're hesitant or nervous or scared, don't be, give them a chance. Call them, consult with them. Just know that the place is real and it's amazing. I have no regrets, it was the best decision of my life."

GiannaPatient's Family Member

"My sister came to ICCA Global with colon to liver, to lungs two years ago - and very near death. She is 100% cancer free today."

Bernie B.Patient's Wife

"I brought my husband to ICCA Global for stage 3 lung cancer that spread to the lymph nodes, and he's doing extremely well. He went through three weeks of treatment and he was not sick a day. Not once. Their standards as far as cancer treatment goes, are superior."

* Each patient is unique, and their treatments are tailored accordingly. Individual results will vary. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical treatment. Not every patient is a candidate for care or achieves these results.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe in giving every patient the chance they deserve, even when others have deemed their case as untreatable. Utilizing global modalities, our Primary, Metastatic and Recurrent Cancer Programs are designed to provide access to life-changing therapies that are often unavailable to patients in the U.S. or Canada. As a truly integrated center, not limited by NCCN guidelines, it enables us to personalize cutting-edge alternative therapies with a higher potential of helping you progress towards healing. With affiliates in Southern California and our treatment center in Baja California, Tijuana Mexico, we're always at the forefront of integrative care.

Join us in paving the way for a new era in cancer treatment. Explore a world of possibilities at ICCA Global, where innovation and hope go hand in hand.

Upon arrival, the patient will undergo a real-time PET/CT scan to address the limitations of a CT scan in detecting potential metastatic cancer at the molecular level. This will be followed by a thorough physical examination, comprehensive lab work that includes specific tumor markers, and an aspirated biopsy if necessary.
Unlock the Potential of Off-Label Medications in Immunotherapy
Discover the untapped power of repurposed medications to supercharge your immune response. By utilizing medications traditionally used for other conditions, we can enhance the effectiveness of immunotherapy.

Maximize Immunotherapy Potential with Microbiome Enhancement
Uncover a groundbreaking approach to treating leaky gut syndrome. By enhancing the microbiome, we can unlock the full potential of immunotherapy, leading to improved outcomes for patients.

Conquer Immunotherapy Challenges with Hypoxia Tumor Targeting
Address the root causes of immunosuppression, treatment resistance, tumor growth, and metastasis with hypoxia tumor targeting. This innovative strategy aims to generate global control over these challenges, revolutionizing the field of immunotherapy.

Revolutionize the Tumor Microenvironment with Heat Therapy
Enhance the effectiveness of systemic immunotherapy by "heating up" tumors. By injecting specific immune agents directly into tumors, we can attract immune cells, ensuring optimal treatment results.

Strengthen the Immune System with Autologous Dendritic Cell Vaccine
Prevent the spread of cancer cells and stimulate the immune system with the pioneering autologous dendritic cell vaccine. By training the immune system to recognize and fight invading cancer cells, we can unleash its full potential.

Enhance Healing with Systemic Detoxification
Complement the body's natural healing processes by removing harmful metals and minerals accumulated from external pollutants. Systemic detoxification supports overall health and strengthens the immune system.

Targeted Therapies for Cancer Cells, While Preserving Vital Tissues
Experience the power of toxic-free therapies that selectively target cancer cells without compromising the immune system or causing debilitating side effects. These innovative treatments work in harmony with the body to bolster its defenses.

Precision Testing to Stay One Step Ahead of Immunotherapeutic Escape.
Stay ahead of cancer's adaptive mechanisms and personalize immunotherapy with advanced testing. Discover specific immunotherapies that can overcome escape mechanisms and adapt treatment strategies for better outcomes.
By carefully administering minimal doses of a chemo-sensitizing agent, we can dramatically enhance the overall effectiveness of treatment. With fewer than 10 brief sessions, you'll witness remarkable results while preserving the integrity of surrounding tissues and organs.
Introducing an innovative technique known as tumor ablations, which effectively eradicates a wide range of cancerous tumors by harnessing the power of microwave energy, extreme heat or cold.

Tumor ablations are an alternative to conventional cancer treatment methods such as chemotherapy and surgery, which are invasive and can have debilitating side effects. With ablations, patients can avoid repeated dosing of chemotherapy or the long-term effects of radiation. Tumor ablations are relatively easy and well-tolerated. The recovery time is much faster and less invasive compared to surgery.

Ablation therapy helps to eliminate these tumors locally which prevents tumors from spreading further. Even more, ablation therapy can help to slow the growth of cancerous cells, reduce symptoms and improve the patient's quality of life.

Through this cutting-edge procedure, a surgeon can easily access the tumor by inserting a small laparoscopic port or open incision. To ensure precision, a CT scan or ultrasonic guidance is employed to accurately locate the tumor. Learn more at
In the field of precision medicine, there is a need to address the damage caused to cellular tissues and organs by cancer and its treatment. This can be achieved through the replacement, restoration, or revitalization of these compromised areas.

Our approach to supporting this process is through nutritional and supplemental counseling. By analyzing the individual patient's metabolomic signatures using blood-derived mass spectrometry, a comprehensive understanding of their metabolites can be obtained.

This emerging technology has the potential to inform and enhance the practice of precision medicine, offering new possibilities for improving patient outcomes, to repair and rejuvenate cellular tissues and organs that have been affected by cancer or the side effects of cancer treatment.
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