Patient Focused Care

Patient-Focused Care

Meet Our Compassionate Medical Care Team

At ICCA Global, you're never alone in your fight against cancer. Our team of specialized healthcare professionals and exceptionally skilled cancer physicians work together to provide you with the highest level of care. By pooling their knowledge and expertise, our patient care teams are able to provide accurate diagnosis in tailoring treatment plans specifically to your needs, placing you at the center of your healing journey. Upon arrival, each patient is also treated with our first-class concierge services to help attend to every need. Together, we are your trusted partners in the fight against cancer.


  • Critical Care Physicians
  • Medical Oncologists
  • Radiation Oncologists
  • Interventional Anthologists
  • Interventional Radiologists
  • Oncologic Surgeons
  • Pain Specialists

We offer hope and care beyond a language barrier.

Languages we can assist in: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, German, and Russian.

Salvador Vargas, MD Salvador Vargas, MDHead Doctor, Oncology Group Medical Director
Ricardo Ramos, MD Ricardo Ramos, MDInterventional Radiologist
Alfredo Medina, MD Alfredo Medina, MDRadio Oncologist
Hebert Schramm, MD Hebert Schramm, MDSurgeon/Scientific Researcher
Ulises Nieves, MD Ulises Nieves, MDInterventional Anesthesiologist
Enrique Munoz, MD Enrique Munoz, MDSurgeon/Scientific Researcher

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We are here to address all of your questions, alleviate any worries you may have, and discuss your integrative and alternative treatment options.

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