Our Founding Story

Our Founding Story

ICCA Global Cancer Centers: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with a Personal Touch

Founded by Gregory DiRienzo in honor of his late wife Joyce Bailey, ICCA Global is making waves in the world of cancer treatment. Based in Southern California, this U.S.-based corporation is driven by a heartfelt mission to provide innovative and integrative therapies to patients from all around the globe.

Joyce's struggle with intraductal breast cancer at the young age of 39 inspired the creation of ICCA Global. Joyce started her cancer journey in top US based hospitals. She at one point even underwent an aggressive and highly painful bone marrow transplant only to have her cancer return in 2008, prompting a shift towards a more holistic and patient-centered approach. Seeking alternative methods used in other countries, Joyce visited ICCA's German clinics, ultimately beating stage IV breast cancer for an astonishing 27 years. Her victory inspired the mission of ICCA Global: to provide personalized care and access to transformative treatments that heal patients through unconventional, less -toxic treatments from around the world.

"I continually witnessed the United States healthcare system fail my wife and from that day on Joyce moved away from conventional therapy to a more integrative approach. Our focus was on “out of the box” methods that other countries were using to treat cancer patients. Treatments created to heal the patient, not poison."

In early 2012, Greg underwent a regular colonoscopy only to find out it was far from routine. He was diagnosed with Stage 2 kidney cancer. Like all cancer diagnoses, fear and sadness set in but he too, like Joyce, believed in the power of immunotherapy and regenerative medicine as opposed to the typical standard of care used in the United States. Greg underwent a cryoablation at University of Irvine, his immunotherapy was completed in his clinic in Mexico and regenerative therapies performed in Germany. To date, Greg has no evidence of disease!

Since 2009, ICCA Global has been at the forefront of personalized cancer treatments and regenerative medicine, offering hope to patients from all corners of the world. Its affiliate clinics in Germany have become renowned for their expertise in treating all stages of cancer. In 2015, ICCA Global expanded its reach with the opening of a cutting-edge cancer clinic in Baja, Mexico, providing unparalleled care in a luxurious setting.

In the continued quest for innovative therapies, ICCA Global reached an exciting milestone in 2016. Gregory, as an Advisory Trustee to the Western University of Health Sciences Graduate School of Biological Sciences, discovered a groundbreaking cancer therapy from China. Named "Tumor-Targeted Chemo Immunotherapy." This revolutionary approach directly targets solid tumors, bypassing the systemic methods favored by most Western cancer centers.

With a dedication to personalized care with a whole-body approach and innovative therapies, ICCA Global is leading the way in cancer treatment. Together, we can rewrite the narrative of cancer, offering hope, healing, maintaining quality of life and a brighter future.

If you or a loved one is battling cancer, contact us today at (888) 526-6398 or fill out this form to learn more about how ICCA Global can help you on your healing journey.